Is the Torah 3200 Times Bigger then the World?

Is the Torah 3200 Times Bigger then the World?

Question: BS”D


In a Breslov publication (Crossing the Narrow Bridge or Under the Table perhaps?) I read that the universe is 1:3200th of the Torah.  Would you kindly explain what this means?


Also I thought I noticed?, that Rebbe Nachman recommended eating raw cloves of garlic daily and perhaps bread also to protect against 82 or 84 ailments.  Would you kindly explain please?


If I am up and busy thru the night at what part/time of the night should I wash negel vaser?, and then say morning brachas at daybreak?

Your assistance would be much appreciated.


SEE Talmud, Eruvin 21a; the Talmud offers a comment on the verse (Psalms 119:96), “Your mitzvot are exceedingly broad.” How broad is “broad?” The Talmud then calculates on a verse from  Zechariah about how “broad” and vast  the Torah is, in that it is 3200 times the size of this world. See Eruvin there.

Rebbe Nachman’s comment is if the Torah is so vast, so much greater than this world, how come people don’t see it? And he answers because we hold up coins (i.e., materialism) before .our eyes, covering them and not allowing us to see the vastness and greatness of Torah (Likutey Moharan I, 133).

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As far as eating garlic, he never said it! It’s not in his writings.

About being up a negel vasser:

If you’re up the whole night then Negel vasser is at Alos Hashachar about 72 minutes before daybreak. Morning berachos can be recited then too.