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Israel’s Foreign Ministry to take control of Uman?

by breslov.org

Reports from the Israeli Chareidi Press (Kikar Shabat News Service) indicate that the Israeli Government is negotiating a deal with the Ukrainian Government in regards to the administration of the Uman holy sites.

After attempts made by the State to bring the remains of Rebbe Nachman Za”l to Israel failed due to the protest of the Breslov Hasidim, Foreign Ministry officials are now attempting to come to an agreement where the Israel Government would provide security and essential services to the Chassidim, as well invest in upgrading the city’s outdated infrastructure. There is also a military airport nearby Uman which would be converted into an operational international airport.

Chassidim fear that this will result in the Holy Sites becoming a public tourist attraction, and may thereby detract from the spiritual atmosphere of Uman. Major meetings are due to be held between the Chassidim and Government authorities

May it be HaShem’s Will that whatever the outcome, we should see more Jews visiting and the holiness of the site being elevated, amen.


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Yishai August 31, 2012 - 5:49 pm

Why do Breslovers have an issue with bringing Rebbe Nachman’s remains to Israel?

Yaakov Weissman February 3, 2013 - 2:08 am

B/c rebbe nachman wanted to be buried there to elevate the Neshamas thousands of Jews who were mascaraed in uman


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