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Keep Calm & Know The Truth

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Reb Noson explains that the essential truth of the entire universe and all of creation is actually quite simple.

All things were brought into being out of nothingness by the hand of the one G0d and to Him they are destined to return in the end of time when all of creation will be renewed.

Now, when a person fills their whole being with this truth at all times, when a person is aware and conscious that everything was created by Hashem and everything will return to Him then nothing, no negative thing, no falsehood can have a hold of him.

Falsehood is sadness, despair, anger, jealousy, worry. All these things are rooted in falsehood. When a person can remind himself of the source of everything he can always return to the shelter of Hashem.

When we truly connect with emet, truth, we feel a connection, a deep knowledge where everything comes from. We feel calm because we know where everything’s headed and we know that we were created with a Love that can see us through even the darkest, darkest times.

Awhile ago a friend of mine and her entire family experienced a shocking and tragic loss. It was heartbreaking. When I went over to comfort her, she said to me, Chaya Rivka, I don’t understand it, but I know that this must be good because Hashem only does good. And from her smallest grandchild to herself and her husband there was not one member of that family who wasn’t like a rock of emunah, a rock of faith. Even through their tears, even through their pain, that rock-like emunah, fortified their belief that everything is from Hashem. They truly knew that everything is ultimately simple. They truly believed that Hashem’s Goodness is what sustains them and what sustains the Jewish people.

May you have a day where no falsehood can ever encroach upon your peace of mind.

Today’s mini lesson is dedicated to Elana Chava bas Chaya, Avraham ben Elana Chava and Mordechai ben Elana Chava.  May they be blessed with hatzlachah. To join the daily WhatsApp group and receive audio formats of these mini-lessons, use this invitation.





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