Lag b'Omer (33rd Day of the Omer; Sunday, 2 May)

Major sefirah: Hod/Thanks-givng; minor sefirah: Hod/Thanks-givng

I thank God for allowing me to thank Him. I realize that in many, many ways thanking God is the purpose of life. It recognizes His kindness and His care. It’s an indicaton of my own “good eye”—itself a gift, albeit one that I have had to work to develop, both the work and the reward subjects of thanks—and thanking and being aware that thanking is a gift, opens my eyes to the constant stream of gifts, which produces the stream of God-consciousness, the purpose of living! I mean, the purpose can’t be working for Egyptians, Canaanites or Americans!

Thanking further improves my “good eye”—my jelousy becomes a thing of the past. Let someone else be better than I when it comes to giving God glory and pride. The other guy’s success will keep me from being lazy. I’ll try harder to improve myself, instead of just lying in my tent all day eating manna!

When I say the Shemonah Esrei blessing M’kabetz Nidchei Amo Yisrael (Who Gathers the Scattered of His People Yisrael #10) I will regret having taken sole credit for the good I’ve done without acknowledging His role.