A massive 30-year project unprecedented in scope is nearing conclusion. Now is the last chance to be a part of this historic effort to bring the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov before an international, multi-lingual audience.

By contributing $500 you will be sponsoring a page and can include a dedication in the book in memory/merit of a loved one. You will also receive the entire 15 volume set, or the set of books below:

PLUS now before Pesach, receive a complementary copy of the Breslov Haggadah as a token of our appreciation!

Sign Up: Take part in this great mitzvah by clicking here. You may choose to pay in ten monthly increments of $50.

Watch a video about this project featuring Rabbi Chaim Kramer by clicking here.

Read more about this project by clicking here.









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  1. Michael David Reply

    What Kavod!
    If I elect to contribute $50 a month, when will I receive the entire set?


  2. Kurtiss Gainey Reply


    I just bought the 14 volume set and was wondering if I choose to get the other books instead, does volume 15 come with the other books?

    Thanks for the effort to get these invaluable teachings into the hands of everyone that will study them…

  3. Hershel Basher Reply

    I am interested in contributing to the publication of the Likutei MaHaran set if the offer still stands. I would love to have a complete set in my house. Please email a reply.

  4. shalom,
    I am interested in purchasing LIKUTEY MOHARAN 15 vol set for $ 200
    Do you have a set for sale or can refer me to the seller?

    thank you

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