Attachment to the Tzaddikim

Hashem: Help me draw the breath of life from the Tzaddikim to satisfy all my needs. Always hear the sound of my sighs. Let me draw the breath of live and goodness from the true Tzaddikim through my sighs, so as to satisfy my needs with everything I require, whether materially or spiritually.

Let all my needs be satisfied for good, “for the source of life is with you”: you give breath and life-spirit to everything which is alive and to everything in the world – all through Your true Tzaddikim, who are constantly attached to Your holy Torah, which is our life and length of days.

Have pity on Your people Israel: reveal to us who the true Tzaddikim are, and help us draw the breath of life from them. Give us the ability the ability to make up for anything we may be lacking by simply sighing over it. Fulfill all the requests of our hearths for good.

Chaim Oliver
Breslov Research Institute
© Copyright 2009 Breslov Research Institute

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