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The Talmud and Zohar talk about demons. Ultra-Orthodox Jews certainly believe in the existence of demons, and, to the best of my knowledge, so do most Orthodox Jews. Rambam/Maimonides in “Guide for the Perplexed” claims they do not exist, but the Vilna Gaon, among others, take Rambam to task for this view.

As for Lilith, she is considered the queen of the demons, sort of an anti-Shekhinah. I don’t know if harming children is one of her duties or pastimes, but she is not the only demon who does this.

As for things on the Internet sounding like mythology, well, probably because we have as much first-hand experience with Lilith & Co. as we do with Zeus and his friends! 🙂

kol tuv (=all the best)
Ozer Bergman

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Ish Tam June 15, 2010 - 3:35 pm

RE: “we have as much first-hand experience with Lilith & Co. as we do with Zeus and his friends”
Actually we do have a lot of first-hand experience with those creatures,
however most people lack sensitivity and background knowledge to identify those interactions. When I moved to Yerushalaim, interesting thing happened – I started clearly sensing/”seeing” those creatures. I don’t know how to identify them – have nothing to compare with. However they are the immediate cause of many troubles – health, emotional etc. They use our weaknesses with amazing skill – however they are very limited creatures, in many ways much more limited than people.
I tried all kinds of things that are reputed to refute them – no noticeable effect. One of the things that helped in a really powerful way however was good old mezuzah. Well, actually good new mezuzah – I found that mehadrin mezuzot that I bought, work much better than cheaper (kosher) ones.
The is also a way to reinforce the mezuzah – described here:
The bottom line is, we are better off just clinging to Hashem – if we do it right, we simply get out of their reach – I tried that 🙂


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