Listen to Meir Elkabas explain God’s desire for us and our desire for Hi.

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  1. B”H Thanks so much for your shi’urim! I listen while doing data entry work in the office, where using internet is not allowed, so it has been great that the audio is downloadable. I hope you can keep the files downloadable, so I can keep listening regularly on my mp3 player. Kativa v’chatima tova!

    • Meir Elkabas
      Meir Elkabas Reply

      Just wanted to thank you for enjoying the audio classes on Rebbe Nachman’s teachings. I hope to bli neder always keep them downloadable, since they are teachings very necessary for survival today.

  2. Mazel Tov on the wedding of your oldest child…will send a gift very soon…please remember the luxury condominiums in Yerushalyim that your contacts may be interested in…all the best…Dina Susan Fine.’s contact number 212-247-5375 in New York City.

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