Listen to Meir Elkabas explain on “Moshe and never dying.” This class touches on the ideas of the death of Tzadikim, the destruction of the Temple, mourning and yearning.

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  1. Some of the words you use such as garbage referring to a person’s life where he grew up or a nobody referring to a person who is on a different level are both examples of your unrefined talk and therefore lessens the impact of the points you are trying to make. Purchase a thesaurus if you are stuck. This helps to select words that are both refined and will make your points nicely. By the way, many people in Harlem are refined and prominent people in New York City. Prejudice is not the Jewish way. Thanks for everything else.

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Meir Elkabas

Involved in the spreading and dissemination of the teachings and advice of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, his disciples and his movement - through what is called Breslov Therapy

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