Living the Story of Pesach

The Torah is not a history book. It is the active will of the Creator of the world wrapped up in layers of stories. Every word in the Torah is eternal and is part of who we are – bound to our souls; for our consciousness at its root is the Torah itself.

This is why we are so attached to Pesach. It is not only one night a year, but rather it lives within us every moment. True, on Seder night we tell the story of leaving Mitzrayim – leaving the bondage, which restricted our ability to actualize our Godly authenticity and divine will, but the story itself never ended. Yetziat Mitzrayim, Leaving Egypt rests within our hearts in a constant manner.

How so?

Everyday we struggle to handle our falls and failures and everyday we find a way to rise back up, latching onto the light of the Tzaddik to free ourselves from our inner doubts and confusions.

We fall and get back up.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that just like Beit Yaakov descended to Mitzrayim each yid must first descend into this world underneath the rule of the 70 nations before it can break free and reveal the light of Torah. This is our Mitzrayim –  our personal Egypt.

Everyday we can if we want, rise up out of the inner pain and trauma our souls feel being confined in this world.  We can leave the world of Mitzrayim – the world of despair and Godlessness.  We can experience Pesach right now, but we must yearn and pray for it.  Then we can be free.

This Pesach we can use the story of our freedom to give us the direction and the hope to be free everyday; for the story on Seder night is our story too.

(Based on Likutey Moharan 36; Otzar HaYirah Pesach 70)