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Living Within the Paradox

by Dovid Mark
Living Within the Paradox

When God created the world he did so in a way where his own presence would be hidden.  This is called the “Challal Pinui” or Free Space.  In this space exists all the known Creation and upper worlds and most importantly our own sense of “self.”

It is this sense of self that we are meant to nurture and grow.  It is why we are sent down into what seems at first glance to be a “godless” world.  Yet, this space, this perception of independent existence is what we need to reach a level of tikkun, rectification for ourselves.

This is the paradox that the philosophers are so caught up in. On one hand we yearn and desire an authentic relationship with the Creator. However, in order to have this relationship means an almost certain loss of self and so we choose to step back, strengthening the the Free Space or the perception of “godlessness” in the universe.

The solution to this paradox, to this ultimate inner traumatic conflict that rests within all of us, is emunah, pure and simple faith in the Creator. The resolution to this tug of war between our sub-conscious self and our conscious awareness which has been infused by the perception of independent existence is to let go of the contradiction altogether.

When we recognize that the contradiction we experience between the oneness of God and our own independent existence has no inherent contradiction to it except for what occurs in our minds then the inner trauma will fade, giving way to a new path –  a new approach to our lives.  This approach is about self growth and authenticity, yet one that is governed and guided by the light of the Creator who sent each one of us down to this world in order to reveal the unity within the multiplicity of the fabric of Creation.

(Based on Likutey Moharan 64; Likutey Halachot Mincha Halacha Daled)

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