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Local Classes

by Yossi Katz

Likutey Moharan, the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov with Rabbi Dovid Maayan

Monday nights 7:30-9:00 p.m. Private home in Brighton. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Reb Yirmy Ginsberg

8:05 Wednesday night
Aish Kodesh
894 Woodmere place
Woodmere NY 11598

Sippurei Maasiyot (Rebbe Nachman’s Stories)

With HaRav Avraham Katz, son-in-law of the late Toshe Rebbe Zt”l.
5 Wiener Dr.
Monsey, NY 10952
Tuesday evenings
7:30 PM Shiur, followed by Niggunim and food.

Sichos HaRan (Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom)

With R’ Itche Meir Miller
Breslov of New Hempstead
36 Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Thursday evenings
9:00 PM

Likutey Moharan with Dovid Gruber ([email protected])

7 pm Tuesdays
407 Harlan Circle
Richmond, VA

Reb Nasan Maimon

12:20 – 1:00 PM, followed by Mincha.
Topic: Breslov Chassidus on the Parsha.
Location: Shaarei Chesed Breslov Shul, Rechov HaShlah 11.
Notes: For men, Free admission.

Topic: Emunah – Weekly dinner and discussion with R’ Nasan Maimon
8:00 pm: Dinner, 8:45 pm: Class & Discussion, 10:00 pm: Maariv
Location: Ohavei Tzion Shul, 23 Shiloh Street, Nachlaot, Jerusalem
Notes: For men. Entrance Fee: 10 nis (includes dinner).

David Mark


4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Topic: Likutey Moharan
Location: Otniel Hesder Yeshiva – Yishuv Otniel, Har Hebron

8:00 pm (or after Maariv) every other Monday
Topic: Kitzur Likutey Moharan
Location: Main Beit Knesset – Pnei/Maale Hever, Har Hevron