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Man is incapable of a sudden confrontation with his Creator. The overwhelming experience of such awareness is just too awesome. Truth, the stark Truth, must be camouflaged. Only then, can the soul gradually absorb it.

God, so to speak, camouflaged Himself in stories. These are the stories of Creation and of Adam and Eve. The stories of the Flood and of the Patriarchs. The stories of Jewish exile and redemption. God is hidden in all the stories of human history. And, in the as yet untold stories of each and every human being. His trials. His tribulations. And his salvation.

At the Pesach Seder we tell stories — Magid. We recount the stories of the Exile in, and the Redemption from Egypt. These represent the collective stories of mankind. They typify the individual stories of each and every one of us. As we relate the details of these stories, we must relate to them. Be aroused by them. See the Hand of God in the stories of our own lives.

Through the telling, we bring to life their stories. In turn, may God bring to life Through the Telling, we bring

The story of our Redemption (LikuteY Halakhot, Nedarim 5:6 8).

And when the Mashiach will come, he will also tell stories. Of what we have been throufg every day of our our lives. The meaning of our past suffering, the redeeming affect of our past tribulations. (Rabbi Nachman’s Stories #10, The Burger and the Pauper p.229)

Yehi Ratzon: May we merit to appreciate that meaning, experience that redemption — in our lives!

Excerpt Breslov Research Institute Haggadah

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