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My Entire Being is Prayer

by Dovid Mark

The world does not give us a moment of rest or seeming path to find the time to connect to who we truly are.  When it comes down to it, our lives are so busy we have little concentration for the one thing that is the key to all else –  prayer.  True we pray three times a day, but that is already a road well travelled.  This is why Rebbe Nachman insisted that all of us set aside time to speak to the Creator one on one. There is nothing bigger than this and no tool more important to wrest the “Lost Princess” from the castle of the “No Good” where she is trapped.

The Divine presence want to return –  she wants to be rescued but we have yet to harness this weapon of personal prayer effectively.  This is why Rebbe Nachman said that this is what he was all about.

This is also why the forces of evil inspired such opposition to Rebbe Nachman, because if more people in his day had begun to break down the walls of darkness then the light of Redemption would have already beeen upon us.

Can we find the path back to ourselves?

The key is to pray. There will be those who mock you and deride your new found weapon, but pay them no mind.  The path of personal prayer is the path that triumphs over the darkness of exile.  It is the path to the castle where the “Lost Princess” is held and it is the path most needed in our world of chaos, confusion, and darkness.

(Based on Likutey Moharan Tinyana 93; Diburey Emunah 16)


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