Q: I am currently a yeshiva bachur, but i always feel this desire to come and learn breslov hasidus one day. I have a group of great friends and they ask me why are you so attracted to Breslov? I dont really know so much. I have opened Likutei MoHaran a little but, I’m very interested about aish shel li ad
moshiach. I know the p’shat but please if you could elaborate.

A: Well, the p’shat is that somehow the Rebbe zal’s teachings would continue to inspire and encourage Jews, even centuries later. On a more personal level, the Rebbe’s “fire” — the inspiration and encouragement, excitement and light, yirat Shemayim and ahavat Hashem, Yisrael and Torah — will stay with a person who has studied his teachings “until Mashiach comes” — until the person comes to his personal tikkun (fullest level of perfection).

One can learn Rebbe Nachman zal’s seforim without “declaring” himself, or even thinking of himself, to be a Breslover. For some mysterious reason, there are people who like to poke fun at those who take an interest in Rebbe Nachman zal’s seforim. Don’t let it bother you.

Hoped this helped.

kol tuv.
Ozer Bergman

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