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Never Forget!

by Yehudis Golshevsky

A Sacred Time

Adar 1
One of the main themes of Purim and the purpose of gathering for Parshat Zachor, the portion read on the Shabbos preceding Purim, is the obliteration of Amalek. Reb Nosson explains that Amalek today is the force of forgetting, of failing to remain aware of what G-d has done for us. Amalek’s goal is to make us doubt, feel faint of heart, as if we have no reason to be confident that G-d will assist us now just as He has in the past. We forget what G-d has done for us as a nation and individually. Past problems may have suddenly evaporated in astounding ways, yet there’s nothing easier than losing sight that this was a result of Divine assistance.

How can I restore my confidence that G-d will help me just as He has in the past?

The main way to nullify the force of Amalek within me is prayer. I need to turn my gaze above and keep begging G-d for His kindness and assistance. Reb Nosson would say that, usually, the main reason that we don’t have what we want or need is either because we haven’t prayed for it, or we haven’t prayed enough. Every prayer binds us to G-d and is worthwhile in and of itself. Yet we need to persevere in turning to G-d by remembering His intervention in the past. This keeps us inspired to keep on praying.

Dear G-d. Help me obliterate Amalek by believing in the power of the prayers of every Jew. Let me remember all of the good that You’ve done for me until now, and rekindle my belief in Your endless patience and kindness. Help me keep on petitioning You time and time again, until the kindness finally comes to be revealed.

מאמרים קשורים

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