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New Book: Amazing Stories of Ancient Times: Rebbe Nachman’s Stories for Young Adults

by Yossi Katz

The magnificent tales you are about to read were told by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, a young Chassidic master who lived at the beginning of the 19th century in the Ukraine.

Rebbe Nachman taught others about joy, faith, simplicity, knowing oneself, and how to make a connection with God.

His enigmatic and mysterious tales – full of fantastic adventures, exotic locales, kings, queens, giants, pirates and paupers – describe people in pursuit of their destiny.

Rebbe Nachman said that stories are often told to help people fall asleep, but his stories are meant to wake people up!

He didn’t explain what the tales meant; but instead left the task of interpretation to each reader. Nevertheless, in each story you can find your own story. In fact, one of the major pleasures in reading these tales is trying to imagine what it is talking about and how it applies to your life.

A wonderful adventure awaits you!

Five book set, with illustrations.


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Here are some sample illustrations:

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