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New Books, Distribution & Opportunities @ BRI

by breslov.org

Dear Friends Of Rebbe Nachman,

Last week we sent an email out announcing our amazing Uman opportunities for the upcoming Rosh HaShanah. We are now glad to be able to update you about the other amazing things happening at the Breslov Research Institute.

Book Projects: Breslov English/Hebrew Siddur and Psalms

Thank YOU.  The mobilization for Siddur dedications met with tremendous success!  The entire list of prayers for sponsorship at all donation levels  have been subscribed.  It’s gratifying to note that the mitzvah of making this spiritual platform available – the pathfinding English/Hebrew Breslov Siddur was the generous effort of many, many friends of Rebbe Nachman z”l.  The first of three volumes is expected to reach people’s hands this calendar year – B”H hopefully before Chanukah.  The initial print will be dedicated to Weekday Prayers, with Shabbat and Yom Tovim and Commentary to follow.

Also, thanks to the generosity of one special sponsor, the publication on Rebbe Nachman’s commentary on Psalms is well underway.  This first of the five books of Tehilim, will be available B’Ezrat HaShem in Uman. 

Rebbe Nachman and You

Our newest paperback book – a how-to guide on Breslov and Rebbe Nachman – is just about ready to be printed and will available shortly.  The first advanced copies were introduced at the Los Angeles Breslov Shabbaton (link to article) and we have now released the book for Amazon’s Kindle.  This new volume covers many questions from “who is Rebbe Nachman” to “Why Uman” to “key thoughts.”  This introductory guide will be a great gift to family and friends to share your interest.  We will let you know when the book is available in the United States.  Our deepest thanks to the wonderful donors who made this text available.  May their prayers be answered.

Reintroducing Out-of-Print Texts & New Distribution Partner

Did you know that since its founding some 34 years ago, BRI has published more than 70 books on Rebbe Nachman? Many of these books are so popular that the original print run has been sold out!  Classics such as Rabbeinu’s treatise on Tefillin were recently reprinted but high demand books such as Rebbe Nachman’s Stories need to be available again.  This is especially relevant now that we have begun distribution with our new North America partner – Feldheim (http://www.feldheim.com/). Our next goal is to ensure people have access to our entire BRI catalogue of learning.  We have reviewed our inventory of children’s stories, scholarly texts and inspirational guides.  We will need your help as everything we do is not-for-profit – the singular goal is to make Rebbe Nachman’s spiritual inspirational available to everyone – across denominational lines.   There will be an opportunity for friends and family (as individuals and small groups) to rededicate a volume – to create an enduring and well-used statement – in honor or memory of someone special.  Dedication donation amounts will range, we want to make it possible for as many people as possible to be part of sharing Rebbe’s Torah.  Click here for more information on reprint books available for dedications.

We thank you so much for your words and actions of support.  

Breslov Research Institute

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Gil Bashe July 30, 2013 - 12:08 am

Wonderful to see expanded access to BRI publications – authentic translations of Rebbe Nachman’s and Reb Noson’s teachings.


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