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New Interlinear Tikkun HaKlali-Great Breslov Gifts

by Yossi Katz


Printed in Memory of Cheena Rachel Bas Chaim Menachem and Gita Kramer

A little over two hundred years ago, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov revealed a secret to the world—Tikkun Haklali. This universal remedy is a set of ten specific Psalms, which has the power to heal our souls and raise us from dejection to joy.  Whatever you are going through in life, saying Tikkun Haklali can help evoke HaShem’s Compassion.

Now, for the first time, BRI is proud to present an engaging interlinear Tikkun Haklali. This pocket-sized edition has been sensitively translated into English by Rabbi Yitzchok Leib Bell, the esteemed translator of Psalms That Speak to You. We believe this contemporary version will set the standard for years to come.

Don’t you wish you could share this book with everyone? Now, you can. For just $1.80 a copy—CHAI—we invite you to join us in the printing and distribution of these precious booklets. We’ll make sure they are given out FREE of charge, at the holiest places across the globe, including the Kotel, Kever Rachel, Rebbe Nachman’s gravesite in Uman, and many more.

When you Share the Remedy by sponsoring this project, you’ll help bring salvations and blessings into your life, and into the lives of others. Every time a person anywhere in the world recites Tikkun Haklali from this beautiful edition, you will also share in their merit, and receive blessings you need for health, marriage, children, wealth, and strengthening your connection to HaShem.

Won’t you join us and Share the Remedy? Please visit our campaign website now.

You can choose from some incredible incentives–including a free trip to Uman!  

We also humbly ask you to please Share the Remedy with your friends and family, too. In the merit of your participation in this great mitzvah, may you be blessed with much joy and goodness, Amen!

Rabbi Yossi Katz

Executive Director, BRI USA

Rabbi Chaim Kramer

Founder, BRI

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