Shortly Rebbe Nachman’s passing in 1810, he declared “My fire will burn until the Mashiach comes.” His words could not have been more prophetic. Generations of readers have been enthralled and inspired by his writings, which have been explored and interpreted by scholars around the world. In recent years especially, we have witnessed masses of searching Jews of all backgrounds – Secular, Religious, Zionistic, and Hasidic uniting in spiritual pursuit, seeking to understand and acquire the teachings of the Great Tzaddik.

However too many seekers find it difficult to locate others who are not only interested in studying Rebbe Nachman, but also meet their scholastic level and needs. was therefore created to bridge this gap. Using the power of technology it is our hope and prayer that every Jew with an interest in Rebbe Nachman will now be able to network with others in pursuit of their personal spiritual growth and needs.

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  1. Baruk Hashem – This study is truly all encompassing enhancement, education,. enlightenment to many problems resolved.
    Now a proliferation of hope & compassion, bringing and living
    life with the smell of the elixir of fullfilling lives,
    waking with the Tzaddikm in mind – renewal & energery
    for day. Deep grattitude for the kind teachers,
    for their work and effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shalom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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