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by Yehudis Golshevsky

BRI’s NarrowBridge.Org sends out twice weekly inspiration providing a regular dose of hope, meaning and courage. These emails include small doses of Rebbe Nachman’s wisdom, enabling us to get through the week in a more spiritual way. 

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…


“Reb Nosson wrote: “I trust in G-d and will not be afraid. What can any man do to me?” G-d gives me courage and strengthens me with holy chutzpah, rooted in Torah and in prayer. With it, I disregard any fears and am confident that I will return home safely. I praise my G-d; He will help me and resolve everything for me for the best.””
(Healing Leaves, p. 39)

What does this mean to me?


“Holy chutzpah”—we wouldn’t usually put those words together. Brazenness is generally considered to be a flaw, a lack of humility and acceptance…well, chutzpah! But Rebbe Nachman taught that for holy purposes it is sometimes necessary to activate that capacity for bold attitude and action, because otherwise obstacles can overwhelm us on the way to our spiritual goals.It’s impossible to reach a certain tzaddik? Holy chutzpah! People deride me for my convictions and try to prevent me from doing what I need to do to serve You? Holy chutzpah! The destination is too far, the cost is too high, the goal seems way out of my reach? Holy chutzpah! “For G-d, everything is possible.”
A prayer:


My G-d,
I work and I strive,
never knowing
if I will succeed.
You and only You
can give hope to my dreams.
With Your help
I am spared
wasted efforts.
With Your blessing,
all the hardship I endure
can bear fruit.
You and only You
are the key to success
in all that I do.

(From The Gentle Weapon*, p. 3)

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