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One Step Back

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Hold On!
One Step Back
Meshivat Nefesh #17

There’s an expression: “Two steps forward, one step back.”

Rebbe Nachman explains that as we grow, there are times when it feels as though we’re being pushed back. We might have the most important goals before us, and it really can feel as though G-d is rejected us in our attempts to get closer to Him.

But there is an axiom, “The distancing is only meant to draw you closer.” Having to go through a temporary period of apparent rejection forces me to build up greater reserves of yearning and desire for closeness…

The distance ultimately leads to a greater experience of closeness with my Creator. I just need to hang on!
Beloved Creator,
Please help me to remember
that these times of apparent distance
aren’t really signs of rejection.
They are only meant to help me achieve
even greater degrees of closeness to You.

(Based on Likutey Moharan I:74)

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