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Open Your Heart

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Iyar 5

The Jewish mystics revealed that when we rearrange the letters of the month of Iyar it spells “yair”—“illuminate.” It is our task to illuminate our entire year by acting in tune with the unique nature of the month. One of the ways we illuminate the month is by becoming a channel to draw kindness into the world. How are we to do this, though? Rebbe Nachman explains that there is a “Supernal Heart” which must be opened so that Divine loving-kindness can flow down to all of humanity and to every person specifically. Every time I see someone in need or a person asks for my help, I have an opportunity to “crack open” this heart. Each time I respond to the feeling “knocking at the door of my heart,” I knock at the door of the “Supernal Heart” and channel kindness to myself and all mankind.

Dear G-d, when I am confronted by someone or a feeling knocking on my heart, let me remember how much we all need kindness. Whether it is in times when I am having a hard time or just in general, help me remember that no one can survive without a continuous influx of Divine kindness. Help me see that when I assist another human-being, I am actually receiving much more than I give.

מאמרים קשורים

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