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Our Hope and Aspirations of Redemption

by breslov.org

Our hope and aspirations of redemption and of our souls being saved, stems from the merit of the Tzadikim. We can only work at drawing down this hope through the power of Moshe, who was our first redeemer and who is our final redeemer. He enlightens us today in our present exile, as he effects every generation. Moshe sustains every individual according to their personal situation and place. According to ones closeness to the Tzadik, so does one receive this hope, which will propel him to his everlasting salvation. This is impossible to accomplish without the help of the Tzadik, for we would never be able to intellectually comprehend how to completely attain this level of hope. It is the Tzadik who shines to us from afar, and who hints that G-d is always with us. For even if the world is sustained in the merit of those who are on a high spiritual level (and who so to speak have discovered G-d) and yet continue searching and screaming “where is G-d’s place of glory,” nevertheless “G-d’s glory fills the world” and it is completely forbidden to ever give up hope. One must however realize that when one has done whatever he has done and is now returning, he will be filled with many questions, One should not pay any attention to these questions, for it is not possible for him to understand everything in one instant. Rather, he should rely on Moshe, who enlightens him with great faith until he is able to receive a higher understanding. This is the idea of chometz (leavened bread or fermented dough,) that it is forbidden to allow ones intellect to ferment and begin questioning G-d, especially at the beginning of one’s journey.

Based on Reb Noson, Likutey Halachot

Translated by Yossi Katz
Breslov Research Institute

© Copyright 2009 Breslov Research Institute

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