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Our Latest: The Rebbe’s Shabbos Table

by Yossi Katz

BRI is excited to announce our latest publication, published just in time for the new Torah reading:

The Rebbe’s Shabbos Table

Rebbe Nachman and his followers share insights and stories on the weekly parashah by Yossi Katz

Here is a collection of insights on the weekly parashah and Jewish holidays unlike any you’ve ever seen. Based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman, each pinpoints a difficult question, concept or mitzvah found in the parashah and shows how the answer leads to greater self-awareness and spiritual growth. The question-and-answer format and contemporary language engage readers (and listeners) of all backgrounds.

Here are ideas that can be given over at the Shabbos table to spark interest and discussion. They can be shared with friends in shul and shiurim to offer a fresh perspective on that week’s Torah lessons. They give the feeling of being at the Rebbe’s own Shabbos table, imbibing his wisdom and wanting to share it with everyone.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov was a master of showing how the deepest concepts in Torah can be used for self-growth. His main disciple, Reb Noson, discussed many of these ideas in his Likutey Halachos, often citing Torah verses to make his points. This collection applies their teachings to illuminate difficult questions in the weekly parashah and show how they relate to self-awareness and spiritual growth. While the ideas are deep, the language is simple and the style engaging, making these ideas perfect for sharing at the Shabbos table or with friends. Each parashah concludes with inspiring stories of Breslovers who lived the Rebbe’s teachings. It is our hope that this collection will stimulate interest and discussion, and enhance the enjoyment of Shabbos for all.

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