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Outward Focus

by Yehudis Golshevsky

A Sacred Time

Sivan #2

We’ve already seen that during the month of Sivan we’re invited to “twin” with our Creator through focusing on His providence. Now we can think about the ways in which we’re encouraged to twin with other people.

Self-absorption is the cornerstone of very child’s life. We all begin as infants, toddlers and then young children who cannot truly think about the needs of anyone but ourselves. We live primarily in the world of our needs and desires, with everyone else taking second place.

Most of us discover at some point that living only for ourselves isn’t the way to go. When we’re at the epicenter of existence, it tends to lead to suffering. Not only do we fail to get everything that we want…we often feel like we’re not even getting what we need.

Sending our focus outward, to encompass other human beings, provides a double benefit. We feel the deep pleasure that comes from helping others, and also free ourselves from selfishness, which is the source of so much misery.

The Rebbe of Kobrin said, “The world is such a sweet place for someone who isn’t immersed in it and such a bitter place for one who is.”

We approached Sinai like one person with a single heart. By twinning with other people and making their needs are own, we become worthy vessels for receiving, learning and living the Torah.

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Rachel June 11, 2015 - 9:48 pm

Please keep writing and teaching from your own unique perspective and instint. As a woman who loves Breslov and Rebbe Nachman’s teachings there are rare ocassions that I see women teaching women on webinars, workshops, and especially in South Carolina! Let’s continue supporting one another!!!


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