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Parshas Noso – Many Jews, Many Jobs

by breslov.org

In this week’s Parsha we continue to read about the jobs which each class of Leviim had in transporting the Mishkan. Throughout Chazal we find that the Mishkan alludes to the manifestation of G-d’s presence in this world. The Leviim are those responsible for the upkeep of the Mishkan, to help realize this revelation of G-dliness.

However, in the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and Reb Noson, we find that the Mishkan is not only a chapter in our history. Even today, every one of us can volunteer to be a Levi, and to be a partner in making this world a more fitting abode for G-dliness through our performance of Torah and Mitzvos.

In light of their teachings, we can see an eternal message in this Parsha, that even when the Mishkan is disassembled and being transported through the desert, the Levi still has a job. Even when it seems as if all holiness has been taken apart, and we’re travelling through a spiritual desert, we’re still Leviim, we’re still on the program of Avodas Hashem.

This message is even further developed when we delve into in the names of the families of the Leviim. The B’nei Kehas who merited carrying the Menorah, Shulchan, and Mizbeach, were discussed in the previous parsha. They allude to those who merit being successful in Torah and Avodas Hashem in a greater level.

There are, however, those who are B’nei Gershuni. Those who feel meGuRaSH, separated and expelled from holiness. The Torah wants us to realize that they are also part of the team, and they also have a job. The B’nei Merari refer to those who feel not only barred from holiness, they feel the MeRiRus, the bitterness of lack of success in Avodas Hashem.

The Torah wants us to internalize that even those of us who find ourselves to be from the B’nei Gershuni or B’nei Merari are also Leviim. We are also an intregal part of the Mishkan, especially at a time when the Mishkan is not assembled and in its proper place.

Written by Ephraim Portnoy [email protected]

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