Parshat Ha’azinu – Crying Out To Hashem

In Likutey Moharan lesson 21 Rebbe Nachman provides profound insights into the verse from this week’s Parsha: “Tsur Yeladekha Teshi,” which translates to “the Rock, who gave birth to you, has become weakened.” In essence, this verse refers to the Jewish people causing Hashem, the Creator, who has made them, to feel weak [due to their sins and iniquities].

The Rebbe teaches in this lesson that a Jew must give birth, using this phrasing, to new levels of da’at – knowledge. We liken this process to the stages of human birth: conception, pregnancy, birth, and subsequent growth, nurturing, and development. Similarly, da’at involves levels of knowledge that lie beyond our current understanding and need to be brought forth, or “born.”

But why the metaphor of giving birth? Because, much like a woman’s labor pains before childbirth, a Jew seeking to attain higher levels of da’at must go through a similar screaming and crying. This means that when life’s challenges become overwhelming, and you find yourself unable to comprehend Hashem’s plan or accept your circumstances, you must cry out to Hashem. Essentially, you are saying, “Hashem, I acknowledge that Your actions are ultimately for the good, but I’m struggling to accept them due to the difficulty and pain. Please grant me the da’at, the knowledge, to either improve my situation or accept it with a full heart. I can’t remain empty and rely solely on Emunah, faith, because understanding mitigates pain, and pain arises from frustration, which stems from not knowing or understanding.”

Thus, by screaming out to Hashem, you seek His guidance and understanding, enabling you to progress and overcome traumas, phobias, and other challenges. Rebbe Nachman’s teaching emphasizes the necessity of screaming, much like a woman giving birth, because in life, you must give birth to new levels of da’at, and it is expected that you tap into these depths of knowledge.

When life’s challenges become overwhelming, and you find yourself unable to comprehend Hashem’s plan, you must cry out to Hashem!

In the Divine plan, difficulties are sent your way to prompt you to cry out to Hashem, seeking guidance, understanding, and insight into His ways so that you can better accept and embrace them. Therefore, the Rebbe suggests that “the Rock who gave birth to you has become weakened” signifies that “you” lack the strength to give birth to new understanding. The remedy can be found in another verse with the same opening letters of “T’s’ur Y’eladekha T’eshi (צ’י’ת’),” which corresponds to the final three words of the Ana Bechoach prayer by Rabbi Nechunia ben Hakana: “T’S’a’akatenu, Y’odea, Ta’alumot.” Through our cries (tsa’akatenu), we will come to understand (yodea) that which is hidden (ta’alumot).

In essence, Rebbe Nachman teaches that the remedy for feeling unable to give birth to new levels of knowledge is to cry out to Hashem. Through this act of screaming and seeking Divine guidance, one will gain insight into the hidden aspects of life that were previously obscured.


Shabbat Shalom and Gmar Chatima Tova

Meir Elkabas

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