Parshat Va’eira – Weekly Parsha With Reb Chaim Kramer

Parshat Va'eira - Weekly Parsha With Reb Chaim Kramer

Parshat Va’eira – The first 7 of the 10 plagues are a preview of what is going to be in the Future time. Reb Noson points out about several of the plagues that the purpose is like what Hashem says: “to know and recognize that everything happening in the world is because He is guiding the world and everything is under His Providence, even things that seem difficult and bad. To accept everything as the will of Hashem.” Rebbe Nachman teaches (Likutey Moharan II, 86) that everything is hard when a person lacks patience. The Jews did not listen to Moshe because they had what’s called – קוצר רוח – which can be read as a lack of patience. And this is why the Jews did not listen to Moshe. Then everything becomes difficult. Patience is a necessity. An axiom of life is that there are other problems waiting in line. Have patience and let things work out of the system without forcing the situation. Just like each plague had a break in between, so too in life, there are breaks found in between difficulties and suffering. Those breaks are to infuse patience in our challenges.