Parshat Vayakhel: Zoom-In On Your Good Points

In Parshat Vayakhel, Moshe Rebbeinu assembles the entire Jewish people and talks to them. He reminds them to observe Shabbat and tells them that Hashem wants them to help build the Mishkan. We can see how Moshe Rebbeinu cared for the Jewish people.  He was with them every step of the way in the desert. He not only led them and guided them, he successfully prayed for them, too. He begged Hashem to forgive their transgressions (for building the golden calf, etc.)

How could Moshe pray so successfully on the behalf of every Jew?

Moshe was the tzaddik. The tzaddik has the unique capacity to zoom in on each person’s good point, nekudah tova.  He looks away flaws and mistakes that people make, willful transgressions, and so on. The tzaddik has a tremendous love for Hashem and a tremendous love for Hashem’s children, which is why he yearns to offer up only the goodness in them when he prays to God.

This is why each of us needs a relationship with the true tzaddik. The true tzaddikim have so much to teach us. In the true tzaddik Rebbe Nachman’s teachings you can find yourself. He really understands the deepest yearnings and fears, the turbulent confusion and great potential you are going through.

The ultimate thing that he teaches us is that we are a portion of Hashem, and very precious to Him. We are His beloved. Rebbe Nachman teaches that you should focus on the good point that you have inside. When you do, that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy – in a good way. When you appreciate the mitzvot you do, you’ll find yourself doing more mitzvot. When you notice your good character traits, you’ll build on them. When you pay attention to your acts of kindness, your positive commitments and your good thoughts, those things will increase and the negative will diminish, and fall away over time.

Focus on the goodness you are capable of. Focus on your own nikudot tovot, just like the true tzaddikim do.

May you have a day in which you embrace and celebrate your good points and may you build on them.

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