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Parshat Vayishlach: Do You Have Enough?

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

King Solomon said, “No man dies with even half his desires fulfilled” (Midrash on Kohelet 1:13)

In Parsha Vayishlach Hashem says to Yaakov, I am El Shakkai.*

Hashem has many names. Each of these names suggests a different aspect of Hashem’s glory, holiness and honor. This particular name, Shakkai, can be understood as meaning shayash dai – there is enough.

What does it mean, there is enough? One thing it means is that there is enough blessing from Hashem in the world for every person to have their own parnassah, their own livelihood. We trust there is enough. We trust that Hashem distributes this livelihood and gives each person what is appropriate and best for them at the right time.

When we are satisfied with what we have in terms of our livelihood, and we don’t look and see what someone else has and compare ourselves to them, we are expressing to Hashem that this is enough. Everything you give is good, Hashem.

In the same way as there is enough live, sustenance for everyone, there is enough holiness for everyone. Enough Godliness for everyone. Every person experiences Hashem on their own level. With their own level of understanding and their own particular focus. When a person is satisfied with their own level of understanding, that also is an expression of Shakkai and shayesh dai – there is enough. What does this mean exactly? Does this mean that we shouldn’t try to come closer to Hashem to understand Hashem more? No.

What it means is that everyone has boundaries by which they shouldn’t push, they shouldn’t exceed these boundaries whether it is in sustenance or whether it’s knowledge of Hashem. We can still grow. We can still reach for more.

At the same time, we must be satisfied one hundred percent with where we’re holding right now. Where we are in the moment and how we feel about it is an expression of our emunah (faith) in Hashem. It’s an expression that we understand that Hashem is doing the best for us in each particular moment of time.

May you have a day where you feel you have enough, you have everything you need.

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*We write the name with a “k” sound but it is pronounced with a “d” sound.

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