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Pathways: Parshat Kedoshim

by breslov.org

“Pathways” is a weekly Torah publication exploring the festivals and parsha, published by BRI. To receive “Pathways” delivered straight to your email box, simply use the sign-up form on the right column of breslov.org.

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מאמרים קשורים


Sharon Eoff May 12, 2016 - 9:27 pm

I just finished reading this weeks Pathways. It is very true and very relevant to our times. I love and look forward to receiving it in my emails each week. Sometimes I cry sometimes I smile. And most of the time I print it out and send it to my husband. He is in prison. As a Jewish inmate he finds it very hard at times to keep the faith so to speak and these little tidbits of inspiration help both of us. Thank you so much. May our G_d watch over you and protect you.

Yossi Katz May 19, 2016 - 3:47 pm

Thanks Sharon, I really appreciate your kind words. May we all be showered with the various types of salvation we crave. Amen


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