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Peace on Earth

by Yehudis Golshevsky
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…
When there is peace below, there is peace on high.
And when there is peace on high, a sense of abundance and satiety is revealed in the world below.

(Likutei Moharan I:39)
What does this mean to me?
In the original lesson, Rebbe Nachman speaks about the relationship between conflict and the feeling of deprivation, but the dynamic that he describes sounds counterintuitive. In our world, we believe that feelings of deprivation are what lead to conflict and controversy; in Rebbe Nachman’s world, the resentments that others have about us are what leave us feeling hungry and lacking. The solution is in repairing our interpersonal relationships. When peace reigns below, there is peace “on high”—harmony in the upper world—which allows a flow of abundance and the sense of satiety to fill our world in turn.
A prayer:
Have mercy, dear G-d…
And put into my heart
Love for my friends,
To love them
From the depth of my soul.
May I truly love my neighbor as myself,
With all my heart, soul and property,
For this is a basic rule of Your Holy Torah.
Remove from the world
Hatred and envy.
Let no one be jealous of me,
And please may I not be jealous of anyone else.
May peace and goodwill
Reign forever within all Israel.

(Between me & You, p. 38)

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