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Breaking Out of Mitzrayim—Pesach & Your Personal Freedom

by Dovid Mark

Our inner narrative may be one of ups and downs, but Rebbe Nachman’s teachings show us how to experience freedom. Dovid Mark will discuss how each of us can take charge and redeem our inner princess (the neshama) from the clutches of our personal Mitzrayim, and expand our consciousness.  Pesach is that time to awaken and flee the fortress of “the no-good.”  This workshop will help you utilize Passover to free your soul from constricted space!


Topics include:

The Journey of Your Soul

The Meaning of Mitzrayim

What is Freedom, Really?

Wake up—It’s Pesach!

And more…

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Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:40 AM (EST); 5:00 PM to 5:40 PM (Israel Time)


Sunday, April 14


Everyone Welcome


Dovid Mark


Various including: Likutey Moharan, Otzar Hayira on Pesach; Rabbi Nachman’s Stories (The Lost Princess); and more.

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