All of us have  obstacles in our lives.  We yearn to overcome these challenges and yet we are afraid because often times it is hard to sense and feel Hashem within these obstacles.

Yet, these challenges are exactly where Hashem is to be found.  He is there, waiting for us to walk into our tests in order to help us grow and develop a more intimate relationship with him.

Based on Likutey Moharan 115 on Parashat Yitro

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David Mark or "Reb Dovid" as many call him is a prolific writer and informal educator, focusing on the merger of Chassidic thought and the Land of Israel. He received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Brovender and Rabbi Nechemia Goldberg. He is currently one of the writers and editors at Breslov Research Institute. He teaches Breslov Chassidus in the American program in the Hesder Yeshiva of Otniel as well as in various settings in Jerusalem and the wider Judea and Samaria area.

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