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PODCAST: You Are the Heart of the World

by Dovid Mark
PODCAST: You Are the Heart of the World

There are moments when we feel disconnected.  We don’t want the lofty responsibility of uncovering the Creator’s light in our world.  It’s in those moments of inner doubt that our hearts feel covered and the light within is doused.

Yet, we must remind ourselves that we are the heart of the world.  Each Yid is the heart of the world. Despite the Western culture telling us that we are extraneous and only a number – we are not. Each one us is necessary and each one of us has a mission.  The darkness may have crept in and Amalek may seem to be strengthening, but none of that has permanence.

The fire inside can be relit by the teaching gifted to the Tzaddik, who has blazed a path for us to follow in order to  arouse our hearts to true connection. The world rests on each Yid and each Yid can bring about a true sense of inner purpose, but first the heart must be freed and with it the world.

(Based on Likutey Moharan Tinyana Lesson 9)

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