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Prayer To Be In Uman For Rosh HaShanah

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Prayer to merit going to pray at the grave of Rabbeinu Z”L in Uman from Reb Yitzchak Breiter Z”L
This is a teffilah that Rabbi Yitzchak Breiter Z”L wrote when due to the communist party it was impossible to come to pray at Uman, that he should one day merit to pray there once again.

Master of all the worlds! Ruler of the souls! The One who plans wondrous plans such that we won’t be pushed away from Him! You gave us the privilege to be among the offspring of Your servant Yisroel. You drew us close in your great mercy to true tzaddikim, and You planted within us your holy emunah to believe in You and in Your holy Torah and in Your truly righteous Tzaddikim, to believe in all their holy words of all matters that You are true and stand above all, unified and everlasting.

Therefore take pity and have mercy upon us! Our Father, the merciful One, the One who hears prayers! For it is You who hears the prayers from the mouth of all of Yisroel, Your nation, in great mercy!  Take pity and have mercy and help us in your great kindness that we should merit quickly to guard and perform and uphold all the words of the true tzaddikim and everything that they have instructed and taught us, such that we can all merit to return to you speedily from upon our many mistakes, sins, and rebellious acts, and such that each and every person will be able to merit the rectifications necessary for them in particular through the power of Your truly righteous tzaddikim that You have appointed!

Master of the World! The One who is always full of much mercy and great lovingkindness for those who desire to draw close to You! You took pity upon us in these latter generations, the times before the coming of Moshiach, and you sent us the true leader of Bnei Yisroel who goes in front of us and guides us on the path to which we should take and the actions which we should perform, such that we don’t waste our days and years to old age. This of course is the “Flowing brook, the wellspring of wisdom”,  Rabbeinu Nachman Ben Faiga, may his merit protect us Amen, for he wakes us up from our slumber, and stokes the fires of our clogged hearts, and encourages us so we can have the strength to always stand firmly in our services,  for he goes in front of us and prays and advocates for our good. And he brought together two trustworthy witnesses and to testify that even after he passes away anyone who goes to his holy grave and says there the known ten perakim of tehhilim that are so precious in regards to rectifying the blemish of the bris (Covenant), that this tzaddik had revealed and brought out this secret from the deepest places in order to rectify the souls of those who have been pushed away, and also gives a coin to tzedakah on his behalf, then someone who does these two things at his grave, even if his sins and mistakes have grown and became very very great, Chas v’shalom, even then this tzaddik will courageously make effort with all his powers to save him and rectify him and to bring him out from the depths of hell and below, and he said in this way “I will got to the length and breadth (of the creation) to bring good to you, by the Payis I will drag and take you out from the depths of hell and below it.”

And You, Master of the entire universe, know all that has came upon each and every one of us in these times, particularly regarding the blemish of the bris (covenant), which is the blemish of the entire Torah Chas V’Shalom!!! Oy vei, woe to me!!! What can I say to You, the One who sits in the lofty heavens, and what shall I tell you Dweller on high?! Are not all that is hidden or revealed known to you?!

Master of the Universe! The One full of mercy! Knower of secrets! You know the mysteries of the world and the hidden secrets of all the living.  You examine all the chambers of the stomach, and you test the heart and kidneys. In front of you all which is hidden is revealed, it is revealed in front of you how overpowering the obstacles and the tests and the descents which we go through at this time are, and how atheism and licentiousness and worldly desire have overcomes us all the time with more and more strength! And now the last remaining safe haven for us after the passing of our holy Rebbe is his holy tomb whose ground has the same holiness as that of Eretz Yisroel, for it is in his strength to rectify everything and elevate it to You. However, due to our many sins it has been torn from us and forbidden for us to go to, and “Yosef has surely been torn up” and “those who come and go have no peace” and “The ways of Tzion are mourning without people coming for the festivals”.

And now from where will we receive our support? where can we pour out our thoughts to You? Where is the place that we can confess for all that we have done? Where can we do this such that we can turn all of our descents into ascents and our sins into merits, and for us to merit to escape our impurity and gross actions and twisted ideas. Therefore may it be that You bring out from “within” You, and act for the sake of Your great name which is partnered with the name of the true tzaddik! And help us in his merit and strength so that the sealed gates of tzion will be opened speedily! And open for us the gate at the time of its sealing, open for me the gates of righteousness and I will go through them and praise G-D, and He will open up the gates and a righteous nation who guards their faith will go through them. This is the gate to HaShem, the righteous ones will go through it. Uplift, the gates of this place of holiness, your heads; be lifted up the openings of everlasting holiness, and then the Glorious King will come.  And allow all of us to merit to go there in jubilation so we can fall on his holy grave in our prayers, and we will merit to quickly awaken from our deep slumber and to rise from our downfalls and return to You in complete Teshuva (repentance) wholeheartedly, and to act from now on according to Your will which is purely good, us and all of Your nation, the family of Yisrael, and we should never return again to our foolishness from now until eternity.
May the words of our mouth and the contemplations of our hearts be made desirable in front of HaShem, our rock and redeemer, Amen v’Amen.

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