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Purim Is Around The Corner

by Meir Elkabas

Today is exactly 40 days before Purim. This is very exciting since Purim in Chassidic teachings is considered the climax of the entire year. As Rebbe Nachman hinted, now all beginnings are from Purim. This is in line with the Talmudic teaching that all Festivals will cease to be in the future except for Purim. This is so since, opposed to the Festivals that commemorate the exodus from Egypt which took place with open miracles, the miracle of Purim emanates from the Future Redemption, when Hashem will reveal His greatness and miracles “within” the laws of nature. This is the case with the Purim miracle which is one big chunk of fine-lined and exact-timing Divine Providence.

Every year we can again tap into the Purim miracle on a personal (and national) level to reactivate Hashem’s miracles upon us. But this requires preparation. Commensurate to the preparation – so is the experience. Reb Noson teaches us that the main preparation is PRAYER!!

The Breslover tradition is to start crying out and pleading to Hashem 40 days before Purim: “Save me from the evil force of Haman-Amalek, and sanctify me with the holiness of Mordekhai and Esther!” The number 40 is associated with the 40 days that Moshe prayed, entreated and pleaded until finally convincing Hashem to forgive the Jews for making/participating in the golden calf. In line with this Reb Noson once remarked: praying for something 40 days straight is the best way for getting it. I guarantee that you’ll see results.

We can go on with many, many ideas and explanations about the greatness and power of Purim, but this letter can not suffice for this at this point. However, you will find below an English translation of the special prayer that Reb Noson composed as a preparation for the Purim holiday. The prayer presents within it the special importance and necessity of Purim in one’s personal quest to come closer to Hashem. It is the only prayer that Reb Noson stressed his son, Reb Yitzchok, to specifically say. Due to its power and importance (as you will see for yourself) the Breslover Chassidim have the custom to start saying it 40 days before Purim,(over and over again) as one of the best preparations for the Purim experience.

To download the prayer – click here.

(c) BRI – Entering the Light – Translated and Annotated by Dovid Sears


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