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Realize Your Sadness Can Be Undone in a Moment

by Dovid Mark
Realize Your Sadness Can Be Undone in a Moment

All of our Avodas Hashem, all of it rests within in our mind.  Our ups and downs, successes and failures, they are rooted in our mind. It is for this reason as Rabbeinu zal teaches in lesson 25 in the Likutey Moharan that when we begin growing that the klippot, opposing forces attack us, causing us to fall.

Most of us yearn to draw close to Hashem, wanting to rise up and grow, reaching higher and higher levels. We want a calm house, children filled with simcha, a great job, a deep and meaningful relationship with our spouse, however, when we set out to achieve these things we find ourselves lost after a while in a sea of hopelessness and sadness.

We are bombarded with thoughts of despair with what appears to be the impossibility of our task, after all, all of the people around us are so happy and complete.

But they aren’t.  They are just like you.

All of us traverse this world in hopes of rising up and reaching out to new levels.  All of our souls, which stem from the infinite consciousness of Olam Habah, yearn to return, only to be denied.

When we fall in realization of our predicament, our trap, we give up and our sadness grows. Our families sense the fall and they too despair.

“Where is the money?”

“You don’t love me.”

“Put down your phone.”

The storm wind causes us to give up trying.

All of these stumbling blocks begin within. All of them are self generated. They are the weapon of the Sitra Achra, Other Side. In the same lesson Rebbe Nachman teaches that the klippot are merely our negative thoughts, unnecessary imaginations, internal stumbling blocks, and despair.  When we realize this, then we can simply turn these off.  By focusing on what we have and who we really are then our sadness dissipates. We are infinite, rooted in the divine, but covered in klippot, which are our emotional and mental challenges to our spiritual growth.

When we understand that the flood of despair and sadness is part and parcel of our growth and it only came because we dared to yearn for something bigger and deeper than we already have, then the very flood within goes away.

We must accept the recriminations, the attacks, and the mental blocks and then let them ago.  They were of a moment ago and now when we choose to move on, they are no longer, for now is a new moment.

The fall is part of the growth, without, we would never discover ourselves and begin again.

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