Reb Noson’s most heartfelt desire! – An inspiring evening

Over 300 people from all over the US gathered to receive positive energy and inspiration to connect to Reb Noson and his book of prayers!…


 Such achdut!

 Inspiration that reached my very core!

 These were just some of responses describing the incredible atmosphere at the unique evening, when we gathered — over 300 people from the New York area and all over the US — to receive positive energy and inspiration that would help us to connect to Reb Noson and his book of prayers.

The evening featured fabulous speakers: Rabbi Chaim Kramer, Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti and Gedale Fenster.

For those who weren’t able to make it to the actual event, we’ve brought a small ‘taste” from each speaker’s message:


Rabbi Chaim KramerDovid Hamelech wrote five books of Tehillim, corresponding to the five Chumashim. Likutey Moharan is the only other work in Jewish literature to have a corresponding book of prayers. Anything you want in life – livelihood, health, understanding, joy, peace, whatever it may be, Reb Noson wrote about it in Likutey Tefilot.

Rabbi Moshe WeinbergerThe revolutionary chiddush of Rebbe Nachman that Reb Noson revealed to us in a practical way is that it’s not enough to understand Torah; it’s not even enough to observe the Torah. Rebbe Nachman wanted us to take responsibility for what we learn. When he told us to turn the Torah we learned into tefillos, he was saying that he wants the Torah that we are learning to awaken in us a deep longing for the truth of that Torah!

 When we speak to Hashem, we want Him to answer us. …The Torah is Hashem’s language, and the specific Torah that you are learning is the Ribono shel Olam’s way of speaking to you. But only if you daven for it, by turning your Torah into tefillah, then over time, will you begin to understand the Ribono shel Olam’s language.


Rabbi Jonathan RiettiReb Noson understood the power of time. Every moment counts! His secret weapon was the knowledge that time is in our hands. Just one moment of teshuvah can make a person’s whole life worthwhile.

 Tefillah is an admission: I cannot succeed without You! Likutey Tefilot opens up our mind and hearts to see what we can ask for; what we can praise Hashem for; what is missing in our lives.

Gedale FensterThe #1 marriage killer today is resentment. Nobody’s talking. Everybody’s holding it in. Imagine if you took all your worries and turned them into prayers. You’d be a different person!

 I usually start my morning hitbodedut with Likutey Tefilot. It warms me up. We’ve got to get into the game. Five-ten minutes of Likutey Tefilot with some music, and you’re in the game. Once you get into the flow, Hashem takes over. That’s one of the greatest feelings – to be hijacked by your Creator in tefillah. It’s called deveikut.

The evening also marked the launch of the monumental project to republish Likutey Tefilot’s English translation, The Fiftieth Gate, with all-new formatting so that people could benefit from it and make it a part of their daily learning-prayer schedule.

And the truth is, the time has come for Reb Noson’s prayers, which have such universal appeal, to conquer the entire world!

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