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Reb Nosson’s Likutey Tefilot Prayer 51

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When creation was in potential, everything was one. Everything was true, good and holy (i.e., a complete unity). Even the word “pure” did not exist. Purity was created only when God brought potentiality into actuality, since now there were two realities: the original oneness and creation.

“Pure” exists only in relation to “impure.” It is an intermediary between the holy and the unholy. Thus purity is the intermediary point of our free will. If a person makes a wrong decision, purity can descend into evil and impurity — into falsehood, which is remmoved
from oneness. But because impurity devolves from purity, it can be rectified and purified.
Through God’s providence — even after creation — all things are one with Him. And God’s providence rests on a person through truth. But through falsehood — which is evil — a person removes God’s providence from himself. Therefore, a person who wants everything to be one (as it was before creation) should guard himself from falsehood. As a result,
God’s providence will rest upon him, and everything will be one.

Falsehood comes about through distance from oneness. Truth is “one” insofar as there is only one true description of a quality — e.g., an object is compposed of gold. Falsehood, however, can be multituddinous.

The composition of this same object can be falsely described as silver, tin, bronze, and so on.
Falsehood damages a person’s eyes in that it removes the providence of God’s “eyes.” Without that providence, oneness is damaged, and there is a gap between “after creation” and “before creation.”

But through truth, a person draws down God’s providence so that all is one. Then “after creation” is absorbed into “before creation.” Falsehood can be said to damage a person’s eyes in another way as well. The essence of speech is a persson’s spirit, which is associated with the blood. When a person tells a lie, he pollutes his blood. That polluted blood makes its way into his bile. An excess of bile is said to create tears. These tears weaken the eyes.
Tears indicate sadness. But when there is only oneness, there are no antagonisms, no opposition. In messianic times, when everything returns to oneness, opposition, evil and tears will be eliminated. Then the lion will dwell with the lamb, “HaShem will be
one and His Name will be one,” and God will wipe
away the spirit of pollution from the earth.

From the Fiftith Gate
Reb Nosson’s Likutey Tefilot
Volume 3, Prayers 41-66

Translated by Yaacov Dovid Shulman

Copyright 2009 (C) The Breslov Research Institute

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