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5. When a person gives way to anger, it stirs up the great accuser Esau, or Edom. The accuser in the upper world is the source of a flurry of accusers and enemies who come down and take charge of this angry man. His anger puts his wisdom to flight, and the image of God disappears from his face. He no longer has the face of a man. Because he has the appearance of a beast, his enemies are not afraid of him (Likutey Moharan I, 57:6).

6. The remedy for anger is fasting. When a person is fasting, the Evil One comes against him and creates all kinds of pretexts for making him angry. The Evil One wants to spoil the fast. One has to be very careful to avoid getting angry on a fast day. The whole value of the fast lies in subduing one’s anger (ibid.).

7. Through the holy act of eating on Shabbat, anger is crushed (ibid.).

8. When a person gets angry, he spoils the blessing of wealth that was due to come to him. … But when he holds back his anger and behaves patiently even in the most trying of circumstances, he attains wealth, a good name and an unblemished soul. All the other souls yearn to be merged with his soul and he can succeed in drawing many souls closer to God. Through this, the glory of God is revealed (ibid.).

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