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9. When a person breaks his anger, the spirit of Mashiach is drawn into the world. Then it will be considered as if the world and all that is in it was created and brought into being through this person. He will be worthy of rich blessings, and he will attain true prayer. … He will succeed in carrying out all the mitzvot and other holy acts that he must accomplish (Likutey Moharan I, 66:3).

10. Through the sanctity of the Land of Israel it is possible to break the force of anger, depression and laziness completely. … There a person can attain tranquility in the face of any experiences he may undergo. He will never be angry or upset with anyone, no matter what they may have done (ibid. I, 155).


1. One should minimize his own dignity and give as much honor as he can to the Creator. He should avoid honor and make no attempt to win people’s admiration. Then he will be worthy of receiving honor from God, and no one will raise questions about whether he is really entitled to the respect he enjoys. But someone who chases after the respect and admiration of his fellow men will never be worthy of God’s honor. Even if he does attain a position of respect, people will constantly look at him askance and want to know who he is that he should be accorded such respect (ibid. I, 6:1).

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