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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice: Honor 16-20

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16. Charity cleanses the stains on God’s honor. Glory and power are taken from the Other Side and restored to the wise, who are the world’s true leaders (Likutey Moharan I, 67:5).

17. In the morning prayers, when we reach the words “and You rule over all,” it is customary to give charity in order to take glory and power from the hands of the Other Side and restore them to the forces of holiness (ibid. I, 67:7).

18. When honor is restored to the wise, who are the true leaders, at the beginning of their ascendancy there is likely to be factionalism and strife (ibid. I, 67:6).

19. When some new honor comes to a person, he should do his utmost to cultivate the fear and love of God within himself in order to give birth to the new soul which comes to him clothed in this honor, to raise it and bring it to maturity (ibid. I, 67:7).

20. By giving respect to an old man who has forgotten his learning, cool waters are drawn to revive the fainting soul. Giving such a person respect makes up for all the prayers that people say without sincerity, because prayers like those cause the faintness of the soul (ibid. I, 67:8).

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