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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice: Honor 2-4

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2. The test of true repentance is when a person can allow himself to be abused and ridiculed in silence, patiently accepting all the insults that are thrown at him. Through this he reduces the flood in the left ventricle of the heart – the seat of the animal soul – and slaughters his evil inclination. Then he is worthy of the honor of God (Likutey Moharan I, 6:2).

3. One should guard God’s honor in all ways. He should be “vile and despised in his own eyes” (cf. Psalms 15:4), accounting himself and his dignity as of no importance before the honor due to the Creator. Then he will be able to speak words of Torah that will radiate with light, illuminating for him all the aspects of himself that he needs to work on in order to achieve perfect repentance (ibid. I, 11:2).

4. The greatest revelation of God’s glory comes when those who are furthest of all from Him draw closer; then His Name is exalted and honored above and below. It is a duty for everyone to make efforts to draw people closer to God. And no one should say, “How can I come closer to God seeing that I am so removed from Him because of my wrongdoing?” On the contrary, the further away a person is, the more God’s glory is exalted through him when he makes an effort to return and draw closer (ibid. I, 14:2).

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