Rebbe Nachman’s Advice: Honor 21-26


21. It is very hard for a tzaddik to be widely known. A tzaddik who is revealed and famous has to bear much suffering on behalf of the people. But there are cases where it is the will of Heaven that a certain tzaddik should be revealed and widely known (Likutey Moharan I, 71).

22. When the leaders become arrogant, God sends people to make trouble for them and speak out against them in order to break their pride (ibid. I, 95).

23. A person who wants honor is a fool (ibid. I, 194).

24. The more a person lacks understanding, the more punctilious he is about any affronts to his dignity (ibid. I, 202).

25. A person who conducts himself in office with honesty and purity will rise to greatness at the end of his days. Whatever the criteria of greatness in his particular time and place, he will be accorded this greatness (ibid. I, 236).

26. One must be very cautious about entering any position of authority. This applies especially to those with fear of Heaven, who have a particularly strong desire to influence others. If they accept a position of authority, they are in danger of losing the blessing of prophecy which they might have been able to attain through their fear of Heaven (ibid. II, 1:7).