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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice: Honor 27-29

by breslov.org


27. There are people who impose themselves as leaders and rulers over our poor, bereft nation not because they have been appointed by Heaven, but purely through their own arrogance and assertiveness. The sword of pride that they wield draws strength from the converts, who bring arrogance into the Jewish people. They can attain so much power that they can even exact penalties from those who do not wish to bow to their rule. … The arrogance of these leaders brings rampant immorality to the world. The only escape is by turning to the Guardians of the Earth (Likutey Moharan II, 5:5).

28. The foundation of true spiritual leadership is love. No one can be a true leader unless he has genuine love for the Jewish people. But he must understand how to show this love. It is forbidden to show love to the wicked, to murderers and robbers. He must know how to guide and direct each individual along the path that will lead to his ultimate good. The essence of love is to draw him away from his sins. There is no greater love than this (ibid. II, 7:1-3).

29. It is very dangerous for a tzaddik to be revealed and widely known and occupy a position of leadership. … When men of true stature accept positions of leadership and teach Torah publicly, they run the risk of falling into immorality, theft and murder with every step they take (ibid. II, 18).

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