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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice: Honor 5-7

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5. When people have respect for the righteous, honor is elevated to its root. One should be very sincere in the respect one gives them. This makes up for any flaw in his fear of God, and in the end he will attain peace (Likutey Moharan I, 14:6).

6. No one should accept a position of leadership or power unless he has attained the level of absolute faith. There are people who believe in God but still retain a residue of superstition. Such people should not accept positions of leadership. A person may persuade himself that he has great love and pity for the world and this is why he wants to be in a position of leadership. But really he wants the glory for himself, even though he makes out that his motive is one of love and pity. This can lead to atheism and disbelief. But God in Heaven takes pity on the world, and leadership is not allowed to fall into the hands of such people (ibid. I, 8:3).

7. Leaders and governments that show love and respect for the wise have chosen the firmest possible basis for their power. Love of the wise gives stability to leaders and governments. When a king or a ruler displays signs of hatred for the wise, it is a sign that Heaven has decreed that he should be brought down. For the world cannot endure without wisdom (ibid. I, 8:4).

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