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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice Part 8

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2. Rising at midnight sweetens the harsh judgments. This practice is as valuable as presenting a redemption (Likutey Moharan I, 149).

3. Throughout the year, the correct time for the midnight prayer is when the first six hours of the night have passed. It lasts for two hours until the end of the second “watch.” In the morning, it is a good thing to look up at the sky. This will give you da’at, knowledge of God.

4. The exile has already lasted so long. God is only waiting for the moment to return to us and rebuild the Holy Temple. It could happen at any time. Our task is to see that from our side we do nothing to obstruct the rebuilding of the Temple. On the contrary, we must make every effort to hasten it.

This is why we should be so careful to get up each night at midnight and mourn for the destruction of the Holy Temple. Perhaps in a previous incarnation we ourselves were responsible for something that brought about the destruction of the Temple. Even if not, it could still be that our sins in our present lifetime are holding up the rebuilding of the Temple, and this is as bad as if we had actually destroyed it. When we weep and mourn every night at midnight, it is as if we were actually making a tremendous effort to rebuild the Holy Temple (ibid. II, 67).

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