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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice Part 8

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5. Immorality and abuse of the covenant make it hard for a person to find his true marriage partner. The tikkun is by following the spiritual path explained in the Kabbalistic writings about the themes of the month of Elul (Likutey Moharan II, 87).

6. When a person is unable to find his marriage partner, it can help if he goes to hear original Torah teachings from a man of deep wisdom (ibid. II, 89).

7. The reason for breaking a piece of earthenware at the marriage ceremony is to remind the groom of Gehinnom, in order to prevent him getting trapped by his desires. He must sanctify himself in the marriage relationship. It is also a hint to him that if his wife turns out to be a bad woman he should still not maltreat her or divorce her. Because of her, he will never see hell. One should see to it that he never comes to the point of divorce (ibid. II, 90).



1. How precious it is to rise at midnight in order to pray, meditate, and study Torah. Try to make it a regular practice. Then you will be worthy of succeeding in the task of separating the good from the evil in the world. You will also develop a good memory –which means always remembering your purpose in life and keeping in mind the enduring life you are destined for in the end (ibid. I, 54).

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